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EASE - Enterprise Application Suite

It’s a software system that facilitates the flow of your businesses information. It pulls all of your Business information together and making it quickly and easily accessible to those who need it. Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling are fundamentals to productivity, and Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) is a fundamental way to achieve it. It integrates all facets of the business such as manufacturing operations, supply chain, customers, human resource, Document management & finance.


  • Project Management
  • Sales
  • EDMS
  • HRMS
  • Accounts
  • Procurement

Project management:

Project management applications of an Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) software has various tools that work together to facilitate better project planning strategies and more successful achievement of related tasks.

Human resources management:

An Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system suite has features that enhance and automate the whole employee life-cycle. The Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system manages hiring and staffing, training, attendance and time tracking, performance and compensation management.

Financial management:

This Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system package features financial applications such as cash management, general ledger, budget management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and fixed asset management.

Document Management:

This Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) system package features Electronic document management system (EDMS) which is used to track and store Electronic Documents (Text, Images, Multimedia, Drawing file etc) of an organization.


This is a Feature provided by our Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) Suit which is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, web-based feature that automates and integrates and thereby simplifies many of the administrative tasks related to procurement.


Enterprise Application Suite (EASE) solution includes a dashboard environment unique to each user featuring reports, graphs, tables, and alerts. This allows users at any organizational level to have key performance indicators that are specific to their job function.

MIS Reports:

It provides many reports in different formats such as normal reports and graphical reports. Reports can be customized and it can also be exported into excel or a word formats.